Top 10 Sony Televisions in Kenya

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Sony is a big multi-national company that, quite frankly, produces some of the best televisions in Kenya, and the world over. Everyone who was born and raised in any part of Kenya knows of the superiority of Sony televisions. At some point when I was growing up, Sony colored TVs were the preserve of the well to do families and the middle class owned Greatwall TVs while the rest of us used to find all excuses to go to our neighbors’ houses to watch TV. And the only colors we saw were black and white.


Top 10 TVs

  • Sony KLV-32R302C
  • Sony KDL-65x8500B
  • Sony KDL-40R350B
  • Sony KDL-48R470B
  • Sony KLV-40R352B
  • Sony KLV-32R302B
  • Sony KDL-70W850B
  • Sony KDL-60W850B
  • Sony KDL-55W800B
  • Sony KD-84X9000

Sony KLV-32R302C


This is the ideal Sony TV for small rooms especially the guest rooms in your houses and the rooms in the many guest-houses that line the Kenyan beach and parks. This is one investment you will make that will last because of the X-Protection PRO feature. It protects against the elements giving you freedom in the location of the TV, whether in the highlands or the semi-arid lands. It is also a digital TV making you do away with digital decoders in your house giving you a neat entertainment environment with fewer cable connections. The LED pictures displayed are top notch and enhanced to give clear and vivid images.

Sony KDL-65x8500B

Picture quality. That is the main reason you should buy this humongous TV. This television gives a whole new meaning to Sony entertainment. It has 4K Resolution that provides four times the resolution of a Full HD TV, a 4K PRO-Upscaler that upgrades pictures to near 4K resolution regardless of the source and a TRILUMINOS Display that generates more colors than before. What all that rumble above means is that this 65-inch display produces natural and life-like pictures that are excellent. First timers are always drawn in by this display because of the size and are kept rooted to their positions by the high quality of the pictures displayed. It is intriguing as it is exciting to stand at the foot of this TV. Its price is also as high as its picture quality.

Sony KDL-40R350B

sony 4k

This is the television that combines crisp picture quality and excellent audio making it a masterpiece in the TV art. Clear Resolution Enhancer gives crystal-clear pictures that are amazing to watch, and Motionflow offers lifelike action with a smoother movement of the pictures. Clear Phase Speakers on the other hand fine tunes your speakers’ frequencies giving a balanced reproduction of sound frequencies. This makes watching movies and television series a fun activity. It also has an FM radio, and this makes it a two in one package. You will enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations with this TV. Kenya digital channels will also come to life thanks to the crisp pictures produced.

Sony KDL-48R470B


This is the television that will make you enjoy having a Sony flat screen in your house. It is big, and Kenyans want big screens hanging in their living rooms’ wall. This is the TV to buy if you like watching vivid pictures that bring life to home entertainment. With enabled digital broadcasting (DVB-T2), this digital television gives you the comfort of the long forgotten days where the TV used to be a TV, and channels could be accessed via the remote control and not some device called a decoder. This allows you to enjoy digital content on your TV hassle free. It also has a great sound due to the Bass Reflex Box Speakers that produce high-quality audio.

Sony KLV-40R352B

The first thing that strikes you with this model is its affordability. Its price will not leave you paying loans that never end because it is relatively fair. This price does not, in no uncertain terms, directly or indirectly infer to its quality. The display is top-notch with Full HD and gives smoother pictures of images in motion with the Motion Flow feature. It has six Picture Modes that allow you to switch to the one that best suits you. It also has five sound modes that give you clear and concise audio and adjusts the frequency to suit the mode selected. This provides smooth audio that is really perfect for this display.

Sony KLV-32R302B

If you are in college or university, in a modestly paying job and would like to experience a new level of entertainment, this is the TV to go for. It is compact, very slim and this means it will not crowd your modest hostel room or bed-sitter. It is also not that small so as to make you squint, no. It is just the right size, that size between small and big. Its display is also superb, and it also has a PC input which allows you to connect to your computer and enjoy movies in full HD, play computer games with your buddies on the big screen and also go through your study notes or presentation slides on the large screen making studying more fun.

Sony KDL-70W850B

The size of this TV should make you buy it. If you own or are planning to start a sports bar, a club, a church or a conference facility, this is the television to get. At a staggering 70 inches, this TV will make every football match, Formula 1 race, NBA Play Off, and virtually all sports, interesting. It is not restricted to the social places only because it can be mounted in your living room and being 3D enabled, you will enjoy 3D content in your living space. It has long duct speakers that produce clear audio. The audio quality is high and watching music videos on this large screen is captivating.

Sony KDL-60W850B


This is yet another 3D enabled TV from Sony Kenya. The big screen is amazing when viewed up close. X-Reality PRO feature in this television gives some of the most realistic pictures, and this makes watching TV more engrossing. Clear Audio plus feature optimizes your speakers giving you one of the clearest sounds. It is also designed to last with a wedge design that is appealing and protection features that give you fewer things to worry about. The Cinema experience will be brought to your living room with this mammoth of a TV and be ready to entertain visitors because it will attract them.

Sony KDL-55W800B

You should buy this TV if you want to have a 3D experience at a new level. The pictures come to life when watching this, and the big size serves to almost authenticate the validity of the images being real. The problem of seeing blurry images on fast moving scenes has been solved by Sony completely with their Motion Flow feature that gives smoother pictures of objects in motion. The picture quality is supplemented by Bass Reflex Box Speakers which produce audio that you will fall for. It utilizes Clear Audio plus that also serves to give clear sound. The above features serve to create a sound that will be musical. The design is also breathtaking and keeps you enchanted. It looks pleasing to the eye, and the price is as high as its high-quality features.

Sony KD-84X9000

This Sony Bravia TV is 4K compatible and boasts an LCD panel with eight million pixels delivering four times the resolution of Full HD. 4K X-Reality PRO picture engine is one of the best at converting HD and low-resolution content; including TV broadcasts, to 4K pictures and this gives stunning picture quality. 4K is the best resolution in the market, and this is what this Bravia offers. It also has an amazing sound that complements the picture quality, and this makes it the best investment.The screen size is also something of a marvel; it comes at 84-inches, a big size that would captivate every Kenyan.


The Sony KDL-65x8500B is the best among the above list. With a LED display that makes it ultra slim and the 4K Upscaler PRO that scales up ordinary resolution to near 4K resolution, this makes this TV the best among the list. You will now enjoy 4K quality while watching local content making the experience great. It also comes with Live Football Mode, and we know how Kenyans are big football fans. This makes it produce stadium surround sound that evokes passions when watching football in your house. One-Flick entertainment is a fingertip away with this TV. It is one of the best that I have sampled. If I could, and I am working on it, strengthen my financial muscles, this is the TV I would save up and buy because it is an investment that would bring joy as it is practical also.